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Sinks can suffer a lot of damage from use over the years. Whether the problem is with bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks, we, at Texas Bathtub Refinishing, can restore their look and usefulness by providing the best quality sink reglazing in Arlington, TX.

Sink replacement is a high-priced choice to make compared to our process, which can save both time and money. Our process not only will restore your sink so it looks like new, but also the process will re-sanitize it with a new and protective surface.

Our technicians have the capability and skill to reglaze all types of surfaces, including:

• Ceramic Tile
• Fiberglass
• Cast Iron
• Marble
• Metal
• Steel
• Plastic
• And More

We can restore your sinks with a look of faux granite or with any new color you can imagine. So our service is perfect to save you money when you are remodeling your kitchen or bath.

Our process can allow for the use of your sink in as little as 24 hours after we begin work. It involves thoroughly cleaning the sink of soap scum, oil, or mineral deposits. Then we use a high-tech bonding agent that precludes the need for the corrosive acids others use. This bonding system is proven to be longer lasting, as well. So we confidently can offer our five-year warranty.

Then we apply an acrylic top coating in a glass or matte finish. We end with a thorough polishing of the new surface. And there you will have a renewed, long lasting sink.

When you need to upgrade the looks of your old and damaged kitchen or bathroom sink, call us at Metroplex Bathtub Refinishing in Arlington, TX. We will provide you with a free, no obligation estimate that will amaze you with the cost savings.

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Dallas, TX 75232

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